Monday, 21 July 2014


saturday's outfit featuring new stuff ~

crop top, skirt and ring are all topshop . 

this lil skirt and ring are my most recent topshop buys - super cute and super cheap in the online sale !~ i love the brightness of this skirt, and its not the sort of thing i usually buy but i'm sooo glad i did. perfect preppiness.

aaaand this is my current hair colour !! its a really weird mix of shades tbh because i dyed it over still-partially-pale-green hair. like, its now got peachy bits, lavendery bits aND hot pink bits .. which is odd, but still cute because its like my little pony hair.

art posts soon ^-^ 

x x x


  1. aaaaaah omg your hair looks super cute pink! >_<
    and i love your outfit, that skirt is the literally the best

  2. You look amazing with the pink hair! And i'm obsessed with your outfit! :)

  3. u are the girl lot of us want to be... Your art and blog is amazing!