Thursday, 24 July 2014

lucky star

today me and le best friend went ~shoppiiing~ and i suprised myself by not buying a lot. i feel quite accomplished in not spending aaaall my money like usual. ^-^

one of my few buys was this cuuuute nike top. it was £2.50 in a charity shop and it made me happy to find such a cheap cute thing almost as soon as we started shopping.

t shirt - vintage/charity shop
skirt - h&m

in other news:
  •  my friend and i bought mac demarco tickets for november ! obviously v excited and also determinedly on the lookout for any cute/bizarre little items to give to him at the gig .
  • i am currently obsessing over a korean drama called boys over flowers , and also a lot of k-pop bands ( mainly SHINee and EXO )
  • i re-discovered my ds lite which i have now owned for 7 YEARS and got really into final fantasy III so that's basically consuming my life completely
  • i'm going to amsterdam like next week and i am very excited because i haven't been for like 3 years or something
i will leave you with the gift of the über-stylish , celestially and unfeasably beautiful , basically perfect SHINee .


  1. I saw Mac DeMarco a few weeks ago, and it was a blast! You'll have an amazing time I'm sure :D your hair looks amazing! :D

  2. your hair looks so cute- and i totally get you on the ~life consuming force~ that is nintendo, sometimes I feel bad about it but other times i utterly relish spending hours at a time gaming

  3. I seriously need all the outfits from the Shinee music video in my life. That shirt you got is very cute! Half of my early adolescence consisted of me constantly playing Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald versions. Now I'm obsessed with video game samples in songs at the moment. Have fun in Amsterdam. :)

  4. You're so good at thrifting! That top is amazing. I've got a baby pink Gameboy Advance XP with only one game: The Simpsons ha

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