Friday, 2 May 2014


looking concerned in my favourite coat. i don't know if i ever actually blogged about this coat, but i got it for £3 at a charity shop ages ago and it has served me well in being really warm as well as FABULOUS and a delicious hue of peachy pink.

^a super gross selfie but its kinda funny cus it illustrates how ridiculously tired i look/feel even when^ gifted with a rare lie-in.

in these pictures i am wearing my hello kitty barrettes and topshop dress again, boring i know. i was really cold today because i overestimated how summery the weather would be and didn't wear tights. 

this post was kind of more to show off the new ~*peachiness*~ of my hair! i used nearly a whole pot of directions pastel pink dye because it didn't come out pink enough the first couple of tries (i am new to this world of fun home hair colour ok), but i'm really happy with it now. i think next i will either go for lavender or pale green (a less minty shade than my fringe is now).


gotta go and eat food and try to finish all my work now. (translation: eat LOTS of food and doodle and forget all about work)

x x x

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  1. your hair is fab- totally my little pony worthy <3