Saturday, 1 March 2014


hey friends

i'm feelin really happy and excited at the moment, most of the time. like, a lot of my college work is comin along ok and i'm not stressing over it as much even though i just had 2 exams.
in the half term i went to london, unfortunately only for like 3 days this time, but i did some COOL STUFF so here are some pictures.

i went to jess' house and we made a cake and played with her beautiful dwarf bunny


for my textiles work at the moment, i am looking at crystals and other glittery things. so my grandma took me to a shop in covent garden where she knew the lady who worked there, and i was allowed to take loads of pictures and even move stuff around and open up all the display cabinets. it was so cool.

OH, and i went to london fashion weekend! yay! no, i didn't go in properly (that would have meant paying actual money). i just drifted around the courtyard and took some street style pics of people in cool outfits (i won't post them here cus i only took them for my art project and i don't wanna violate anyone's privacy by posting without permission yo).

~my outfit here is~
shirt: vintage/upcycled
jumper: meadham kirchhoff
skirt: new york laundry (found in a charity shop)
shoes: doc martens (vintage)

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS JUMPER?! its mohair and sheds on everything but its just divine. a true meadham k classique. also, not really visible in the pic, i was wearing the cutest ever stripey watermelon-patterned socks. they are my fave. 

I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPRING/SUMMER!! OUTFIT PLANS ARE WHIZZING THROUGH MY HEAD SO FAST ALL THE TIME. SO MANY CUTE THINGS. TO WEAR. EVERY DAY. sighhh. i'm also determined to go to more parties and do social things (most/all of which will hopefully take place in my hometown (london, for those who hadn't worked it out by now)) and have a REALLY GR8 SUMMER cus last summer was crap for me and that made me rlly sad cus it was my 3 month summer and i spent it moping. so this summer will be CONCENTRATED FUN AND HAPPY TIMES. i hope u all have a lovely summer and spring and every season and yay!!
pastel fun with cheeky motifs. boobs + pugs all da way

witchy preppy fun. for the colder dayz

cute cute cute bikinis and platforms yay yay yay

p.s. i did another collaboration with SNCKPCK!! its the first song on ~* this *~ album, you should listen! 

phew, long post. BYE


p.s. i think this blog has pretty much become just where i post my developed film pictures. i like this development. what do u guys think?


  1. omg the meadham kirchhoff jumper <3 it looks so rad
    i love what you wore for fashion week- great colours and patterns

  2. I love this post so much and that sweater is to die for. OMG collab with SNCKPCK??!?! That is so fun and fabulous- congratz girl!!!

    1. yay thanks!! yh im so excited to be working with him , hes such a babe <3

  3. This is so rad! Especially those outfits. Boobs + platform sandals 4eva.

    1. <3 <3 that boobs tee is on my wish list 4eva and eva <3 <3

  4. you looked so cute at fashion week omg <3 I love the photos you post so much, I didn't know they were all film but they are all amazing!! I love the photos of jess & her bunny & her room :) aww, I really hope this summer is better for you! mine was kinda crap last year too, but hopefully this one shall be fun, summer is such a great season.

    1. wow thanks gurl!! hope u have a fab summer this year <3 <3