Monday, 19 May 2014


top: asos (birthday gift from my best friend)
socks: topshop
bracelet: james avery
shoes: primark

(you can't really tell here but my backpack is a HOOB) (its the cutest thing ever i love kiddie backpacks)

wall update featuring newish postcards from the jean paul gaultier exhibition i went to a while ago.

some more lil birthday gifts i thought i should show off on here ...

ADORABLE WU+WU ACCESSORIES !!! the lil jewelery tin came with some cute lil things like the necklace and ring. i love the makeup bag sooo much, i love LOVE this artist ugh. so cute. 

newly acquired films/cd. aristocats is a childhood favourite of mine, and i had never seen the life aquatic until the other night but wes anderson aLWAYS. i loved life aquatic - tbh i don't like bill murray (don't hate me pls), but there was enough of the lovely jeff goldblum, cate blanchett and owen wilson to balance that out (i have a massive crush on jeff goldblum).

also, salad days by the beautiful mac demarco … sigh. its just delicious. that's all i'll say.

x x x


  1. uhh your shirt is so perfect! The gifts you got rule. the rings are so pretty i love japanese shojo-ish suff! your shoe and sock game is on point. Fame and The Life Aquatic are great movies. Wes Anderson is a genius. OMG I listened to sald days t least 3 times fully already its so beautiful. omg passthe pieces is a must hear song!. Happy belated bday! :)

  2. Awesome outfit, and I love the shoes!! Those presents rule.
    Love your blog by the way!