Sunday, 19 May 2013

birthday guurl

here's the outfit I wore to go out to eat on my birthday (which was friday)...

I switched the laces on my doc martens for snazzy string.

heart earrings + candy skull necklace from holly
artbox stickers! yay!
amazing mini cushion sophie made+embroidered for me.
betsey johnson pink fluff beret!!! everyone into a sugary panic of raspberry bliss!!!

I bought these ADORABLE - and insanely comfy - see-through sugar boots with some birthday money. the cherry socks are tabio and were a present.

so, these were a few snippets of cuteness from my birthday celebrations. I have to get back to my cake and new twin peaks box set now (I'm on episode 6 and I've been watching it continuously aaaaall day)



  1. Happy belated birthday!! Your outfit is amazing.

  2. Aww, yeah, taurus power, we are da best! My birthday was last Wednesday. ;)
    + The little My mirror (omgz, Moomins) and the see-through boots are incredibly adorable ♡

    1. owh happy belated birthday! yay yay xxx

  3. Happy Belated birthday, you looked ravishing! I love the new laces on your docs and those see through boots are so cute! I hope you had a lovely birthday :)
    -charlotte <3

  4. happy late birthday babe! those boots at the end are so so so amazing <3 ALSO THAT'S THE LITTLE WITCH FROM MOOMINS GAHH

    luv yaaaaa, hope you recieve the package soon....

    1. aw thanks guuurl! IT IS MYMBLE <33333 I hope so too, love love xoxo

  5. moomin mirror (?) and transparent shoes - AMAZING.
    this outfit is so fluffy girly and pretty, i think it's my favourite!

  6. happy birthday! this outfit looks super cute, love the flower crown and dr marten boots <3