Saturday, 27 April 2013

life on film in, camera film. I have an 80s camera and I'm SO GLAD it works. so, this is probably the last month or so of my life, in pictures..

 constantly trying on my prom outfit and prancing around in it
 dressing up as siouxsie sioux
 selfies forever. the camera decided to only focus on the thing behind my left shoulder, whatever that is
 beautiful friend of mine
 awkward posing in front of a cool wall
 drinking stuff that is not a normal colour and doesn't really taste like lemon but was like 14p so

 making sparkly collages and getting photobombed by my cat (who is also probably my best friend although she hurts me sometimes)

exploring with sophie

creepy semi-suburbia

wearing headphones all the time and subsequently getting occasional piercing earaches


  1. Oh my gosh these are so beautiful!!

    1. thanks bby, oh & I will send ur letter TOMORROW <3<3<3 xxx

  2. beautiful scenery and beautiful sinead~
    dreamy post!

    [btw, daisy post in my weirdoland -]

    1. aw thankyou xx I will take a look!

  3. Ah yay the pictures came out (we spoke about it on twitter don't worry I'm not stalking you aha) they look awesome, and I love your flower crown! Xx

    1. yes! I was so pleased. there were meant to be a few more though.. ah well! xxx thankyouuu