Friday, 1 March 2013

let go of my heart please.

I have a few things.
the first is a new diary, that I ordered from Artbox (ARTBOX IS MY FAVOURITE ADHGSCFHCX). I just love the adorable writing on the front (the imperfect english is so cute). AND I DO LIKE CAKE. so yeah, after being inspired by my mad fat diary I was like I HAVE TO WRITE MY EMOTIONS DOWN YES. so donut diary. see below.

also, I have a new song yaay. it's full of electronic growliness. and I decided to finally play with the auto-tune settings so that's a thing. here's an illustration I did with the song in mind..

..and here's the song. ◕3◕CLICK HERE◕3◕

love you all mwa mwa



  1. wow your illustration is perfect! i love the roses and the eyes. your song sounds so nice and mellow.:-) have a nice weekend sinead. xx

    1. thankyou so <3 and you too! ◕w◕ xxx

  2. Omg that's the coolest illustration ever!x

  3. sorry for commenting on like 5 posts im a row yes im a creep but omggg artbox i've been to the one in london a few times and gahh its perfect
    also your drawing is amazinggg